The New Revolution Of Cannabis Marketing: Passion And Early Market Targeting

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By Lulu Cohen.

My dad said to me, “Marijuana should be legal.”

It was the 80’s and the War on Drugs was raging. It was a time in history when cannabis use in America was vilified; when pot was prohibited and frowned upon by the powers-that-be, the corporations and the government.

Marijuana hadn’t crossed over to the mainstream yet. It was a dark time, when only the fearless few recognized the medicinal qualities of the plant.

We’ve come so far since then, cannabis and hemp/CBD are no longer in the shadows. They have stepped into the spotlight and are now being taken over by giant corporations.

How will smaller, companies that are dedicated to research, education and social justice survive and thrive?

It may just come down to smart calculated marketing and integrated branding.

From a medicinal aspect, marijuana use has exploded due to research awareness and real life stories of survival. From a federal and recreational standpoint, there is still an incredible amount of work that needs to be done.

My father (an Emmy-winning producer) said that we should be able to visit our local grocery store and buy a pack of marijuana cigarettes. He believed the country would benefit. His eye opening foresight, made me think.

How will the next generation make this happen?

Today we’re at a pivotal point in our nation’s history.

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“Because I Got High- The Positive Remix” – Over 10 Million Views

“Because I Got High- The Positive Remix” in 2014 with the non-profit organization, NORML and Weedmaps. Lulu and Afroman rewrote his original hit song, “Because I Got High” (which was nominated for a Grammy in 2001) and changed the tone of the song to elicit positivity toward marijuana and the vote to legalize. The video, produced by Cohen and Weedmaps became an instant hit, garnering over 2 million views in one day.

To date, the video has accumulated over 8 million views on YouTube. The press awareness was vast and included: Rolling Stone, CNN, Washington Post, Vice Media, High Times, LA Times and more. Afroman partnered with as Brand Ambassador for the project. Lulu also worked with High Times/Cannabis Cup where Afroman was a featured performer at various Cannabis Cup markets across the United States in 2015.

Quim Rock: A Self-Care Line for the Love of Vaginas!

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Just in time for Christmas, I wanted to tell you about the vaginal cannabis lube that will make you tingle and jingle all the way to the bedroom!

Quim Rock is pushing the limits of modern pleasure to new and provocative euphoric experiences; including freedom of thought and joyful sensations in your honey pot. It’s made just for your vagina; initiating divine puxxy powahfrom your head to your little pinky toes.

Founders Cyo Ray Nystrom and Rachel Wachtien developed Quim Rock out of a health concern for recurring UTIs. Recently, they launched a new addition to their fast-growing line of vagina inspired pot-presents for her and for him.

3 Pot Stocks Poised to Grow Like Weeds in 2017

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The outlook for weed stocks on Wall Street remains positive even under a Trump administration, says Jeff Siegel, editor of Green Chip Stocks and Wealth Daily.

Siegel explains why pot stock investors will see green and names his top marijuana stocks, including Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR – Get Report) , Canopy Growth (TWMJF) and Aphria (APHQF).

NY woman making a name for herself with her handcrafted CBD oil

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Cannabidiol is now big business. According to the Hemp Business Journal, the hemp industry produced $1 billion in revenue last year. It’s expected to continue to grow at a rapid rate through 2022.

Today’s Changemaker is a 28-year-old woman who caught onto the trend and is now making her name for her herself in the male-dominated industry. Her product is called TONIC. It’s a handcrafted CBD oil and botanical blend.

Talking the Business of Cannabis with Green Market Guru Jeff Siegel

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From a rocker who lived on the road to sustainable energy expert: The dual lives of Jeff Siegel, publisher and managing editor of Green Chip Stocks, may sound disparate, but the fact that he’s something of a renegade with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit has been a substantial factor in his success. Jeff’s prolific newsletter guides industry insiders and investment novices alike. If you’ve ever been curious about socially conscious investing or the business side of cannabis, he’s the man to read religiously. We had a candid conversation about why legalization is finally a great inexorability, what we can do to combat the war on drugs, and how you can invest wisely in the cannabis space.

CBD Startups Face Legal Hurdle As NYC Ups Regulatory Pressure

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Tonic CBD is a new brand producing handcrafted hemp blends with the mission to heal the body and calm the mind. Brittany Carbone, the company’s CEO, joined Cheddar to discuss how NYC’s regulatory crackdown will impact CBD-based companies.